Friday, July 29, 2011

Since I've Been Gone

I know I've been gone for some time but I've kind of had a lot on my plate the last couple of months. Unfortunately, when I did have the time to blog I didn't have an inspiration and less. I'll get into details later but basically here's my week in phone photos =)
Basically I packed up all my stuff and returned to Vermont for 4 weeks of rotations...blah blah blah. The plus side is I spent my first week chillin with the old folks, drinking coffee at Uncommon Grounds, and shopping my way through Church Street (photos of the merchandise to come).
And then while on an impromptu Marshalls escapade, Kitty found me the Lauren Conrad Style coffee table book that I've been a ridiculous price!

I promise to do a better job of blogging! Mr. AL will be here in 4 weeks with my beautiful DSLR camera that I could not bring with me because I had too much stuff =( So, until then my phone camera and handy dandy little canon will have to do.



  1. Congrats on the dSLR, I have one too and love it!
    And VT isn't too bad - I loved skiing there when I was small! Try to enjoy the coffee sipping while you can!

    The Internet Garbage

  2. Hey babe, cute blog! Love the puppy in the bag :-)

    Following you - stop by soon :-)


  3. awww do you take your pup to school with you? xx

  4. I paris box :) Miss u!


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