Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dah...as you can see from the blurry picture, again today's photoshoot was a struggle. Not to mention there is construction going on all around my building so everywhere I go to snap some pictures there are workers staring at me =/ Anyways, I'm nearing the end!!! Only a few more days interning at the pharmacy and I'm free, for about a week. These 8 hour days would be much less painful if I was getting paid, but instead I'm compensated in knowledge. womp womp
I'm already day dreaming about all the things I want to do when Mr. AL gets here and when I have some free time. I've made a pretty decent list of all the things in Vermont that I never got around to doing and with my DSLR on the way hopefully I can show you guys too. 
And finally, the other day I stumbled upon this tutorial from HonestlyWTF and I'm super excited to give it a try. I'll be sure to show you guys the finished product if it looks even half as awesome as the pictures above.



  1. oooOoo i didn't get to see you at all today! :( but i loveeee this outfit! super cute woman! :)

  2. Love this look, and you are so stunning!

    -Laura xox


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