Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just an easy Saturday morning errand outfit. I'm not really sure how other bloggers keep up with their outfit pictures and whatnot but I find it to be struggle to self timer my pictures. LOL I need a personal photographer ASAP (ahem boyfriend...) Anyways, I've been on my community rotations for the past 2 weeks at a Rite Aid back in Vermont. I never believed all my older and much wiser coworkers and peers when they claimed that being in school was waaayyyy better then working. And while I'm still hesitant to accept these facts considering there are no midterms/finals while working, working 8 hours a day for the past 2 weeks is draining the life out of me. I literally want to go to sleep at 7pm every night and I'm not even saying I don't =)
In exactly a week Mr. AL will be trekking himself out to Vermont to play with me for a week before school starts...yay! In the meantime I'll try to keep blogging and showing you guys all the new inventory I've accumulated over the past oh 3 months! 


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  1. Beautiful outfit! Like it! :))


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