Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ladies...this is what we call the "woops I hit snooze too many times this morning" look. Thank goodness for simple stripped tees =) I only have 1 (yes!! you heard right) more day of rotations left and it could not come any sooner. I actually had a pretty rough day today; I almost made it through 4 weeks of smooth rotation sailing but no. Insert floater pharmacist = pharmacy down fall. We have a girls day mani/pedi planned tomorrow promptly after we get off work as a you made it/you deserve this reward =) HAH 
As you can see in my second picture I'm wearing one of the bracelets that I made with Selina the other night. What do you guys think? From far away it looks pretty decent but I'm not gonna lie I need some practice. I'm totally in love with it regardless, especially since it costs like $15 at some local stores and what not.
So, for those of you that do read my blog (which could be like a handful of my facebook friends LOL) you can see that it has kind of picked up over the last couple of weeks. With that being said, I know that my outfits are nothing mind blowingly genius but I basically try to create inspiration for the every day student/working/20 something/trend loving woman. My outfits are simple, wearable, and nothing too yeah. 

Till Tomorrow,


  1. Awwwwww dearest cousin you are so cute on your snooze days!

  2. i love your so called "simple" outfits haha i think the best outfits are simple outfits that look effortlessly chic and you are totally effortlessly chic!!

  3. Love the nautical ensemble! You look so cute. I love snoozing - but I'm only able to snooze for 5 minutes most days :(

  4. i love your casual style! i've been behind on your blog but i love all your outfits! you have the best necklaces & i love the arm candy you have in these photos. xx


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