Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First things first, special thanks to my photographer Jason for coming to the rescue on such short notice...he was in the middle of eating and stepped away for just a sec to help me out =)

This is kind of a rough week to say the least, and I don't even have it the worst. One 1000 point exam down. You're probably wondering is that a typo, 1000? One too many 0s steph, but no, that's right kids I have a 1,000 point pharmacokinetics exam. No pressure or anything. Before the exam I was in the zone crossing and checking things off the filofax like no tomorrow, but unfortunately after the exam I've lost all motivation. I still have a quiz and another exam to go. Long night ahead, good thing I've got my iced coffee ready.
This is super comfy exam day getup. Something simple but movable. I tend to have weird posture while studying and during exams. I like to sit Indian style, or one leg up, or knees up....I'm weird I know =)

Last quick shout out to my sister for having her White Coat Ceremony today. Congrats Stace!!!! 


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  1. Your scarf is beautiful! Looks great paired with the cardi.


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