Friday, September 30, 2011

I picked up this skirt at a thrift store last semester wore it once and completely forgot about it...until this day! Even though skirts are super easy to wear and match, the thought of it in the morning just seems difficult and troubling. HAH which is why I always end up in jeans. I paired this "could be fancy" skirt with a simple white v neck and this thrifted red leather belt to add a pop of color. Simple ensemble with a few staples but gives a pretty put together look =)
In life news, I just had an amazing friday night eating homemade korean food with the girls and watching Something Borrowed and doing nails. It was the perfect way to end a meh week. The movie was mind blowingly frustrating and yet utterly heart melting all at the same time. Pretty much four girls yelling at the tv and sighing loudly as a sign of happiness/disbelief. 
Now that I've had my fun, filled my tummy, and have cute nails it's time to get some learning done. Hope everyone has a great weekend.



  1. love the new background! And funny thing- we watched something borrowed tonite too!

  2. hi steph! Thanks for stopping by my blog (hope you'll come back :p). Such a pretty skirt and sandal! I'm also loving all the flowers you have on the background on almost every post. Pretty!! Hope you're having a great time this semester! xoxo jessica

  3. Such a cute blog :)

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  4. Love the pattern on your skirt! It reminds me of a subtle art painting/wood bark at the same time haha. You look gorgeous nonetheless :)

  5. loved friday night. loved the tears and the screaming and the "aww-ing" and the head slamming and the laughing. love the outfit and of course, love you. =)

  6. Cute skirt! Great thrift store find!

  7. We are loving this skirt on you! Super cute!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


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