Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm no photography pro by any means, but I'm really starting to see the difference lighting can make. After class today, Selina and I headed out to the new circle area and tried pictures from every angle with a setting sun. LOVE! my neon green/yellow sweater doesn't exactly translate true to color but you get the idea. 

I had my first test of the semester today and frankly I've forgotten how mentally straining school is. Being on summer vacation was a great way to clear my mind and feel refreshed for the school year, but today I was unpleasantly reminded that school sucks...and 2 more years could not come any quicker. 
On another note, I'm finally fulfilling my dreams/goals of going to dance classes regularly and really trying to improve. A few of the girls and I have been going to a studio up here and it's been amazing. I feel like even though school is such a downer and really brings me down at times, doing something good for the soul really might just be the solution to it all. Have a great week =)



  1. totally agree about the lighting when it comes to photos! these pics look great :D

  2. lighting creates the magic, steph! ;) the golden hour is the best hour to take pics, imo.

    i hope school is going well! and have fun doing whatever it is to make the soul happy.

    hope you'll visit again soon & enter my YSL inspired arty ring giveaway!!

    cins - design3rd

  3. im sorry but this post reminds me of how glad i am to be out of school! lol although i am jealous that you still get summer vacations, winter + spring breaks! that doesnt exist in the working world. xx

  4. cute background! I'm definitely trying to get better at photography. Practice makes perfect!



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