Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Speaking of better lighting, I managed to get the shadow right in my face today...sigh. We tried to switch up the background but I'm thinking that little flower circle is going to be our spot for now. I got this top super on sale at H&M last winter and I love the little elbow patches so I had to point it out to show you guys. I also have a close up of the cameo pendent I wore today. I actually got this guy for 99 cents (there's no cents symbol on the keyboard!!) at the local goodwill -- WIN! I hadn't even noticed it until I asked the lady to take the tray out and there it was blended in with the black velvet tray =) 
Just another night of catching up with school work and studying for me; hope the rest of you guys have something fun going on.



  1. lighting is tricky huh?! good luck with the studying you look fab in these pics!

  2. The sweater with the elbow patches is ADORABLE! Love the 2nd photo, haha :)


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