Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Has Arrived

Woops, when taking these outfit pictures I only noticed the pretty yellow leaves and not all the cars behind the tree. A little rusty with the outfit pictures, it's be a while. I've been really into blouses lately and for good reason. So easy to wear (notice that as a reoccurring trend with me) and it goes with just about any bottoms. I wore this one with black skinnies but I also imagine it tucked into a skirt 
or with fitted jeans and a belt? 
 Trying to get back into the swing of things and without exams right and left it feels just like...well mid school year. Only a month till thanksgiving and Mr. AL will be making the trek across country to visit. Since my last update, I've since gone home for a quick family visit and returned just in time to take my cardiology exam (bleh). Mr. AL turned 26 (yay) he's old now and I'll forever be younger than him (yes!). The color of the trees in Vermont are changing all sorts of crazy (pictures to come). Annnd that's about it, time to listen to endless hours of pre/recorded lectures.



  1. ...did u happen to purchase your fur vest in the kids section at target? ...because I totally got one that looks exactly like that this week!!

  2. I'm so glad you share the same love for ice cream and mochi! :)

    Really liking that fur vest... I've been trying to decide whether or not I want one. Still haven't figured it out... but it looks super cute on you!

  3. such a cute look! I love the fur vest, still on a quest to find one for myself!

  4. so cute, love the fur vest. the leaves in the background are so pretty - our leaves arent falling/changing colors just yet. cant wait til they do so! xx

  5. You look great in this (hopefully) faux fur vest! I've been hoping to find one that's decently priced, but I haven't landed on anything less than $100 :( booo.

  6. Love this look, the vest adds a great layer of texture, really adds a great element of interest :)

    -Laura xx


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