Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Camel Stripes

New goal is to perfect the art of layering. I've accumulated quite a bit of clothes that I'd wear in California weather but that really doesn't cut in places like the North Pole. I picked up this layering stripped tee from H&M over winter break. While it's a little too cold to wear it by itself I've been wearing it under other tops and letting it peak through. 

I've also recently decided I'm bored with my short-er hair (I miss my long hair!!) and wanted a change. When an idea pops into my head I really have no patience or control over the impulse and I want to act on it immediately. Thus, I DIY ombred my hair! There are hundreds of youtube videos and blogposts on "how-to" and I pretty much followed the directions and ta da! ombre hair. I'll show you guys soon.



  1. I think the layered look is really nice when done right, and you look great! I envy people who can wear long boots since I can't pull them off due to my short stumpy legs :P

  2. gorgeous!! i love the layering look too!! i'm still trying to learn how to do it! those boots look so fantastic on you and i love the pop of stripes in your outfit!!

    haha yes i know he's kinda of a crazy nutjob.. he use to be a pharmacy manager for walgreens but he's currently with the US army.. they paid off his entire pharmacy student loans and oddly enough makes more with the army then he did as a pharm manager and he wants to get some kind of 2 years specialized residency in oncology and hemotology or something.. so apparently the best way was through the military.. because they actually pay his normal salary.. vs. what he would get as a resident in the civilian side..

  3. great outfit! love the colour of your scarf.xx

  4. Great outfit (:
    CMPang x


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