Monday, February 20, 2012

Current Favorites

As a student that has her computer all day everyday, I have a lot of time to browse the internet. Obviously I have my own blog, but that leads to reading lots of other blogs. One of my favorite types of posts are the "current favorites" posts. I love seeing what other people are currently loving or items they would recommend. Since I know most of my readers are my friends and I'm not able to personally share some great finds with you guys, here's a post dedicated to exactly that!

Top (L to R): Starbucks tumbler, Eos Chapstick, Loreal Magic Perfecting Base, stackable rings
Bottom (L to R): Leather phone case & pink bow, Unii Palette, Sonia Kasuk makeup brushes
The starbucks tumbler because I seriously use this thing every single day -- I have a caffeine addiction. $19 well spent. Anyways, this thing keeps my coffee hot throughout the day and I'm saving a cup every time I go to!

Eos chapstick in Mint (original). I've always been a vasaline girl (99 cents for a little container in my purse that lasts forever) but I constantly find myself in the predicament of needing chapsick and not having particularly clean hands. I don't just wanna stick my (not freshly washed) fingers into my little container, but my lips are burning...what do to? Thus began the quest for a new chapstick. I'm a sucker for packaging and so I ended up with this little egg of awesomeness. It's minty and does the trick and it just looks cool!
I purchased this Unii palette about 4 months ago and have been loving it. If you're like me and wear a handful of colors everyday then this is great. (If you have/use a lot of makeup then this might not be ideal since it's quite small). I pop in my everyday makeup and have them consolidated into one very cute palette. I'm not going to lie, I filled mine with only MAC products so it would be symmetrical and even (darn you OCD). This also makes traveling so much easier. I usually fly home every other month and this saves me an extra makeup pouch.
Shadows: MAC Satin Taupe, Naked Lunch, Brown Down, Bronze
Blush: Gingerly, Sweet as Cocoa, Blushbaby
Amazing face primer and it's drugstore! A thin layer of this before liquid foundation helps my foundation go on so much smoother and you can seriously see a difference immediately. Keeps your face from getting oily too!
Mr. AL picked these up for me for valentine's day! Oh who are we kidding, I told him to get them for me (HAH) but I love them. Brushes are Sonia Kashuk from target and in my opinion are great brushes but I'm no makeup expert. They are soft and hold up great after being washed. 
Sometimes you just gotta change up your phone case! I'm telling you Korea and Japan think of the cutest accessories EVER. I need to go there and stock up. This little pink bow fits perfectly into the earphone jack and it just looks so freaking cute =)

That's it for my favorites lately. Let me know some of your favorites because I need more distractions in life!



  1. I love all color and the stuff super great...

  2. I love, love your leather phone case!

  3. adore the phone case. so cute. fabulous post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my Shoemint photo shoot. xo

  4. love your thin rings! & your phone case is adorable!! xx

  5. I've been seeing Sonia Kasuk brushes EVERYWHERE! I think maybe its time for me to try it out :) I also have the UNIpalette, its fantastic!

    Btw, am following you right after this, totally loving your blog!


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