Thursday, February 2, 2012

The first school storm has finally passed. With a little room to breathe I thought I'd post a little something. This is what I wore like 2 weeks ago....blogger fail. After seeing a friend sport brick red pants I was hooked. I was looking for a pair of skinnys for some time and then randomly spotted them at Old Navy. I feel like I can't pull off the bright red pant trend so I went with a muted version =)
In life news, I got my front window fixed -- yay!! The weather is getting a little colder everyday and I've committed to going snowboarding 3 weekends in a row. At $30 dollars for lift and rental, how could I not. I'll probably never have that sort of deal again especially once I return to sunny California =) Even more exciting, Mr. AL will be here for 2 of those weekends!

So.. my newest addiction is slickdeals (thanks james). I can no longer shop for clothes and shoes because my closet is bursting at the seams...sigh. Anyways, yesterday I found a ridiculous deal for a Lenovo Ideapad K1 for $215 + tax, original price is like $499 or something absurd. With much smaller tablets costing like $199 right now I really could not turn the deal down. Fate was on my side since there was only 1 tablet left at Staples located in South Burlington Vermont which conveniently is where I'm at =). I'm still on the fence about keeping it since I want this toy to be useful and serve some purpose in my life... Also, the tablet is confusing as heck for a technology noob such as myself. I seriously spent like 20 mins looking for the settings button, so I can't say that my initial experience have been great LOL. AND I just learned that hulu is currently not supported on all devices aka my lenovo tablet and this is STRIKE 1. I live for my TV shows, no joke HAH. For those of you with tablets, kindles, nooks, ipads etc what do you use yours for? Let me know...blogging perhaps?



  1. i love your jeans!

    Loretta xx

  2. i heart this outfit steph!! the furry vest belted!! that is SO cute and i love the colored jeans on you!

  3. The furry vest makes me sad .. makes me think of the poor animal that was skinned just to make you look good! hahahaha


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