Sunday, February 19, 2012

Food: Valentine's Dinner

A little late on the Valentine's day post but better late then never. We had a pretty low key Valentines day mostly because I still had school, homework, you know the typical boring student stuff. Mr. AL was such a good sport, entertaining himself and looking up recipes for our Valentine's dinner while I was at school. I picked up this cookbook Joe Beef for him as a little vday gift and he ultimately decided to make me something from it. I give you Spagetti Homard Lobster! I tried to tell him that there's this thing called the "lobster scream" but he didn't believe me...unfortunately or fortunately?, we didn't experience it -- BUT I know it's real!
Dinner was delicious and we ended the night with a Redbox movie before I had to get back to studying. Moral of the story: having a personal chef always on hand...YES please!



  1. Good job Mr. Al!! And yes .. lobsters do scream when you boil them .. it's the sadest thing!! =(

  2. I think I screamed louder than the lobster! Opps :/


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