Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So here's a thing about my sense of style, I'm as girly as they come. I've always been one for the pinks, heels, and bows but recently I've been seeing a more feminine look to high top sneakers. I saw some pictures of hedi klum, miranda kerr, and songofstyle and ever since I've been hooked. Comfy and chic and most importantly so verrrryy warm.

Here's a little snap shot of my new toy! He makes for an excellent movie date and the process of checking morning emails quite convenient. Hopefully, once my exam is over I'll have some more time to play around with it. Otherwise, I've given Mr. AL the official tablet tester outer job.

Waiting for this week to pass has been the most draining process. You know when you're looking forward to something, the time seems to take FOREVER. Then, you also know how when you have an exam, time just races by before you get a chance to study everything. I'm having a conflict of interest to the max...dah! Only a few more days, ek =)


  1. It looks very chillay in ur pictures, so cute kicks are always the way to go! Miss u and good luck on ur examssss <3

  2. Like the kicks .. miss the snow .. love the hair! =)

  3. Oh yeah .. like the tablet too! =) Mr. Al should have fun messing with it!

  4. cute!!!


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