Wednesday, September 12, 2012


While looking through some blogs last night I stumbled upon a post called Fall/Winter Essentials. This was pretty much the greatest idea EVER. With my friends taking full advantage of the sales going on lately I thought I'd give you guys some insight into what my Fall Essentials for this season are. I'm from California but go to school in Vermont so the key to my clothing selection is LAYERING. I tend to go with light weight tops that can be worn alone or underneath a cardigan/sweater for extra warmth.  For jackets, I'm loving vests and structured pieces since I tend to wear tees and slouchy shirts underneath.

I've tried to compile all these essentials with a budget in mind because honestly as a poor pharmacy student with millions of dollars in loans, affordable fashion is KEY! Thus, I've included links to where you can pick up these items if you like what you see, enjoy!


  1. This is perfect! I love all the essentials picked out, fur vest is definitely one!

    Suzie Q

  2. This is a great idea, I'm definitely going to buy some similar things c:

    xo, L
    PS: Be sure to check out my 1st post ;3

  3. Nice selection! I liked the blue loafers and the creme blazer:)

    Stories and Sequins

  4. Oooo, I love the bottoms! This post totally makes me want to go shopping now! :X

  5. You're so spot on - love this!

    xo Jennifer

  6. Beautiful sense of style and lovely post!

  7. So many great items. I love the jackets!

    - Victoria

  8. I agree with affordable fashion and yea layering is a lot of fun, love your picks!


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