Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jetsetting: Outfit + Carry on

Coral Scarf // Ipad Mini // Snacks

Is it weird that school only just started but I'm already thinking about spring break? In any case, I will be traveling back to LA in the next few months so I thought I'd share some of my travel essentials. I usually like to travel in leggings or some type of stretchy pants (I tend to curl up into a ball on planes). I've made the mistake of wearing thick sweaters and turtle necks on my flights; let's just say I was miserable for hours with no where to go. I've since discovered the perfect combination is a thin breathable top, cardigan, and a scarf if extra warmth is needed (doubles for a great pillow/blanket). That way no matter if it's freezing or steaming on the plane you'll be set. 

I used to bring magazines and books but since then I've been gifted a Ipad and it truly was love at first sight. I keep my magazines, movies, and such loaded for me to read throughout my travels. I'll have to do a more in depth post about what's actually in my bag (apparently, I got side tracked on this post) but a must have are the snacks. You never know when you'll be stranded at an airport for 4+ hours for a standby flight or become hypoglycemic while the plane is landing (both of which have happened, sigh). Thus, be prepared...bring snacks!


  1. I always said whatever got me through the second semester :-) You definitely gave me the travel itch now...craving warm weather!


  2. Yes, I agree with all of these must-haves! I also like to layer, so that I can easily add or remove a layer depending on my body temperature. I usually bring a book and buy magazines at the airport, but I'm hoping to get a tablet soon because I feel like it would be so much more convenient when traveling.

  3. You and your blog are fabulous. So precious. You have wonderful taste!
    If you could stop by and check out my latest post, it'd mean a lot!


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