Friday, February 22, 2013

{Outfit} + Friday Round-down

Madewell True Love Shrunken Oxford Shirt // J Brand Skinny Jeans

The neon trend is back! I walked into Gap and J crew the other day and literally the store was beaming with neons everywhere. I'm not a huge fan but I do like a pop of color hear and there. This oxford shirt is really just a fun twist to a classic piece and so I'm ok with it! I usually like my tees a little over sized but I should really remember that the same does not apply to button downs. I ordered this during the shopbop sale in M and it's a little boxy for me, but eh I make it work!

Friday Round-down:
  • This week feels like it's been going on forever....but it was only a 4 day week (WHAT?!)
  • Spring break could not come any sooner! I'm not sure I have the strength and energy to make it another month .
  • I've been catching up on my shows, finally! Does anyone else watch Carrie Diaries (her clothes!!). I saw her wearing a marc jacobs tweed peacoat and almost died searching for it online. Of course it's sold out forever!
  • Have you tried Costco Sweet & Sour dried mangos? I'm currently addicted and have to actively prevent myself from eating an entire bag (~ 2 lbs of sugar)
  • I learned how to immunize and today I get to poke my friend, for a grade. 
  • I finally saw the Nivea Lip Butters  at CVS in Vermont and had to pick them up. I'll update you guys on my thoughts but so far the packaging is a winner
  • Outfit inspiration on instagram: Blushshop, Mrsstrock, and Kscov these ladies know how to take a perfectly positioned instagram photo!
  • I converted my blog to a ".com" It's not really a big deal but at the time of starting my blog I used my name and I've since changed my mind about that. I also tend to have mixed feelings about blogging because I like the creative outlet to share and do something different but I also feel like I'll never be as interesting/creative/or cool as all the blogs already out there, so why bother. But, that's just how I feel today and with tomorrow I'll probably feel differently.
Have a wonderful Weekend!


  1. Congrats on converting your blog to a .com domain! That's exciting! And I think you shouldn't worry about what other people are doing - when I attended the IFB conference one HUGE take away is to be authentic - be you - and that's the first step to any successful blog. But also, if you just look at blogging as a creative release, then just take it for what it is! Do I have a huge following? Not even close! But I do it because I love to. :)

    Have a great weekend!

    PS. love the necklace w/that shirt!

  2. Love the pop of pink. So springy! Spring IS coming! I swear!

    Ali of

  3. That is such a cool shirt, I love how it's so bright and so gorgeous with the necklace :) And yay for changing to a ".com"!

  4. I have yet to jump on the neon train but I really love this look. That necklace is gorgeous as well. (and congrats on the .com!)


  5. such a pretty pink colour!

  6. Statement necklace is unbelievably gorgeous.

    Ruth x


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