Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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What is your one article of clothing that gets the most use on a daily basis?

 For me, that would be my jeans. I know I only have one bottom but I can't help it if I tend to hoard jeans. When I was younger I was definitely a quantity over quality girl when it came to my denim. I blame it on the $10  (WHAT!!) price tag at forever21. I mean honestly when you see a mere $10 price you almost feel compelled to purchase the pants because well, it's ONLY $10 dollars. Unfortunately, the saying you get what you pay for really comes into play here. I've found that my forever21 jeans while trendy and cute upon first wear eventually start to loose their shape and you get weird little pouches around the knee area. Not cute! 

It took some time (and lots of trial and error) to find what I now consider my PERFECT pair. I know what you're thinking..."not for that price girlfriend!" I'd be lying if I said I didn't agree so I'm here to give you a solution. While there are a ton of mid range jeans that are great (BDG, Gap, etc) I found that the J brand skinny jeans are my perfect fit. They make my legs look long and lean, have the perfect wash, right length (I have short legs), and give you a nice looking bottom. That brings us to the price. Well, I discovered that if you can narrow down the style and size of designer jeans you want you can probably find them on ebay.com. Granted they may be slightly used or have slight defects (eg missing button) but if I can fix it then it's worth it. I recently got a pair of Jbrand skinnys for $25 and I'm still giddy thinking about it-true story! With all the deals and sales now a days places like gilt, hautelook, and even shopbop have reasonable prices now and again.


Splurge (kinda). 

I can't say I condone the $200+ price tag on jeans even if I do wear them everyday but I definitely think spending a little more on staple jeans is totally worthwhile. The quality and fit is incomparable. If you have 10 pairs of forever jeans that's the equivalent to 1 pair of designer jeans (perspective?). So save your trendy polka dot pants for forever21 and get yourself a pair of quality jeans for day to day life (preferably at a good price)!

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  1. It sounds like I need to try JBrand out! I think one can really "splurge" on jeans because they basically last forever! I still have jeans I wore in highschool. I definitely think they're worth the money!



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