Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunday on a Tuesday

Oh you forgot what it's like to be a student....

My Sundays have turned into a nice little routine that consist of the above. I try to get myself up at a reasonable hour and get to Panera (our designated study spot) before the lunch crowd/ other students arrive. Starbucks being right next door and the only real way I can get anything done, I usually hit them up for my favorite drink, vanilla soy latte. I'm pretty sure I've become conditioned to believe that I cannot get a productive days work done without my coffee. Expensive yet delicious habit! My girlfriend(s) usually join me and we sit and chat, do our homework, group projects, and eat lunch! I kinda love it! Since the Panera here in VT is in a mall there usually consists of some shopping or at the least browsing as a reward after a long day of studying. {Shopping not pictured today because we got distracted with all the pretty colors in GAP}
After I end up my productivity is shot and I usually lay around talking to the boyfriend on skype. It's Sunday there has to be some laziness!

I really like seeing the day in the life of other bloggers so I thought I'd share a typical Sunday study-day with you guys. Nothing too exciting but definitely a nice enjoyable day! Hope you all had a great weekend as you'll be seeing this on a weekday (sorry!).

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