Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tips & Tricks: DIY Blowout

Listen up ladies, this tip is a game changer!

 A few weeks ago I was browsing through youtube and discovered a how to video that completely changed my life. I realized that I'd been blow drying my hair wrong all these years! Ok so let's start from the begining. Her name is Claire and she makes youtube videos here; one of them was Hair Care & Blow Dry Routine. {watch it now!}

Now I am by no means a hair expert and I always assumed doing a blow out was way beyond me scope of practice. After watching Claire's video I felt like "yes, I can do this!" I grabbed a round brush and with way less grace, lots of dropping of the brush, and hair tangles I started getting the hang of it. I have yet to perfect it, but I'm totally loving it! 

I didn't use the products she mentioned in her video but I did grab a root lifter (Suave brand) like she recommended and it's pretty awesome. Since I part my hair there is always one side that has more volume then the other. On the left we have towel dried hair with some maroccan oil worked into the ends. I have a lot of hair so like the video I split it into 3 different sections and just start blow drying little sections. I find the top layer that frames your face to be the hardest part and I'm still working on it. I feel like she get's a lot more curl into her ends than I do but I think it has to do with my wrist technique on the unravel.
Warning: your hair will get tangled in a round brush and you will momentarily panic that you will have to cut it out, stay calm!  Since I lack the coordination I usually turn the dryer off and unwrap it slowly with both hands to prevent any mishaps. It takes  me a little longer but I haven't lost any chunks of hair.

So, what do you guys think? 


  1. That looks good!! I'm usually way too lazy to blowdry my hair at all. LOL And I also have a lot of hair so it gets tiring! I'll curl it every now and again though...haha still getting the hang of that!

  2. love how your hair came out!! I am not much of a blow dry hair gal but this makes me so inspired! Isn't Youtube amazing that way!? haha

  3. WHAT!? This whole time I thought I was already subscribed to you and you just hadn't posted in awhile. Now I find out that I was just a doofus. Ha! Your hair looks fantastic...such a doll.

  4. ahh steph i love it! i think it looks fabulous your hair looks gorgeous blown out like that!

  5. Fabulous! I've always had a hard time with round brushes, I'll have to brush up on that. HA! :p

  6. You've got tons of body after the blow-out, I need to learn to do that myself!

  7. So great for your first try! Practice definitely makes perfect, I am only recently feeling more comfortable doing it ;) x


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