Monday, March 4, 2013

What to Wear: Dinner Date

Knee High Socks // Jullian Pull On Boots

The weather here on the east coast has be a little indecisive  Some days it's warm and filled with sunshine and we think "YES,, spring has arrived!" Then other days it starts snowing out of no where and it's freezing cold, say what?

Anyways, this is what I wish I were wearing on a casual dinner date or even a day date! Speaking of day dates, one of my girlfriends was telling us at our girl's movie night that her boyfriend asked her on a day date. Precious, and I'm totally jealous. Only 2 more weeks before spring break and I can head home to see my family, friends, and even a day date or two!


  1. Such a cute date night outfit :) I love the idea of adding lots of layers!

  2. yay for day dates :) This is a good outfit for East Coast day dates!

  3. Such a cute outfit. That skirt makes my heart skip a beat!

  4. yesyesyes to that skirt! I'm swooning! xoxo

  5. Oooh, good skirt find! You might like this super cute F21 scarf that Ping at All About Fashion Stuff just posted in very similar colors to the outfit you posted:

  6. The skirt and the necklace are lovely!:)
    Your blog is great!! :-)
    If you want to have a look at mine it would be great!! :-)

  7. I want that skirt! I am such a sucker for flowy pleats. :)


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