Thursday, April 4, 2013

{Outfit}: Army Attire

Old Navy Parka // Urban OG Combat Boots

The army trend never gets old in my book! I'm currently in the process of "planning" my year back at home which has really done a number on my closet. I had to bring home tons of clothes so that 1) to make the moving process easier and 2) so that when I go home I'll have stuff to wear. Unfortunately, I always seem to want items that I currently don't have. I've kind of been forced into a closet remix.

This week has been/is going to be one of my toughest weeks in terms of school and life. I've already had a few moments of panic but I'm really trying to focus on the task at hand and deal with them one at a time in hopes of avoiding a complete meltdown. You know what I mean? Let's keep our fingers crossed that I survive the week so we can move on to funner (is that a word?) things!


  1. Eek good luck this week! And I love army jackets :)

  2. I love the neutral/army look too. You look great!

    ♥ B
    With Love From, B

  3. Definitely know the feeling.. good luck this week, Steph!
    I am loving your army look! xoxo

  4. I love the look of that jacket!!

    Stop on over!

  5. cargo/army look is always a favorite of mine!~ Moving is such a pain! Good luck, Steph! After working for a couple years, my bf just got accepted into his first choice pharmacy school recently and he's definitely excited/nervous for the amount of work that's coming :) Ahhh, school is stressful....Good luck girl!!!


    <3 Yeasol from theferrytale

  6. Love your old navy parka! Looks like they don't have it on the site, was it recent?

    1. It's not =( This one is from a long time ago, sorry!

  7. Great outfit:) Love your parka! Hope your week went well and you are having a better time now.x


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