Monday, April 29, 2013

{Outfit}: Sunny Days

Daydream Peplum Tank // DIY Jean Shorts // Wedge Sneakers 

Oh what, there's sunshine! The weather this weekend was amazing and while I didn't take full advantage of it I was able to snap a few outfit pictures. I spent my sunday with my regular study date at Panera but was able to squeeze in some time downtown. 
I previously picked up this acid wash peplum tank (still available) and paired them with these DIY jean shorts. I can't believe it's finally warm enough to wear tanks and shorts, yippe! Unfortunately, after looking at these pictures I can see that I'm little pale. Guess it's time to soak up some rays. Hope you all had a great weekend and ready for the week!


  1. Hahah love the outfit and yay you finally wore those wedges!

  2. Oh, I love sunny days outfit when they are casual and cool like that!
    Great top darling :)


  3. Oh yay! It's your peplum tank! So pretty! Love your DIY shorts, Steph!

    Always gotta love sunny days... I'm with you girl, I need to seriously replenish my Vitamin D!


  4. Cute! It's nice to see the ever-popular peplum in a casual way!

  5. Study sessions are so much more fun when they're at Panera :) And how cool that those shorts are DIY- they look so cute! Chicago is still a little bitttt chilly, but every time I can step outside without a jacket I pretty much squeal from joy haha

    xo Marlen
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  6. Love this casual spring look! I recently got a peplum shirt, also Daydream LA via UO, but mine has short sleeves. Really similar though! Can't wait to wear it. Love your beat up shorts.

    XO freshfizzle


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