Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apartment Edition: DIY Desk

This is Life a la Steph: Apartment Edition

It all started when I told Adrian I needed a work space during rotations. After some research we decided on the space but couldn't find a desk we both agreed on (price & style). We checked out quite a few retailers and online stores. One night while sitting on the couch feeling defeated by how difficult it was to find a "simple" desk, I half jokingly suggested we should just DIY a desk. The rest happened something like this.
^ my little engineer drew out the plans on his nifty computer program
^a trip to IKEA for the desk supports
^ 12 ft piece of butcher block (from Lumber Liquidators) as the work surface. 
We had to cut off a few inches and drill little holes for Adrian's desktop wires
^ ta-da!

The DIY desk turned out amazing. It's still a work in progress as we each get our things situated and I have some decorating and lighting to finish off. I've been on pinterest and tumblr looking for workspace inspiration (here) trying to figure out how I want the space to look. While the end product is exactly what we both wanted I'm just going to put it out there that DIY projects are not as easy as they look on blogs and pinterest. Just a disclaimer: the basics of the desk were pretty simple but all the logistics of these DIY projects are what them difficult. Getting this 160 lb piece of butcher block home and up to the 5th floor was a headache. Even though we both loved this piece of wood originally we almost scraped it because we had no way of getting it home. I'm glad we ended up figuring something out and getting it because it truly is stunning. All in all, we love it! I really wanted to get this post up but I'll be sure to update you guys with pictures as we add the finishing touches! 



    and yea... that piece of lumber looks very heavy, glad those shelves are supportive. I can totally forsee some sort of magnetic chalkboard against that wall space, but i'm sure whatever you both decide to do will be great! Good luck with future DIY adventures. lol

  2. OMG STEPH! How are rotations going?! I'm loving this nifty desk! Ikea of course - and those chairs! Perfect! I can't wait to see the finished product! I saw your workspace inspiration board, so I know it's going to be fab!


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