Monday, December 9, 2013

Visit: Seattle, WA

Our mini vacation to Seattle has concluded and we are warmly back home! Seattle is such a fun city with so much character. Although, Adrian and I struggled a little with the temperature. I know what you're thinking, but you went to school in Vermont? Well actually, we checked and it was colder in Seattle then it was in Vermont -- fact. 

Anyways, our visit was basically a glorified food tour and boy was it amazing. We had some great friends (including Anthony Bourdain) that recommended tons of places for us to try. Luckily, Seattle has a great 'happy hour' scene that really allowed us to try amazing food for great prices and eat two dinners each night. I don't even think we ate regular meals during the trip. It was pretty much constant eating and drinking throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, there were no outfit pictures during this trip because I basically lived in this puffy north face jacket and hot pink beanie.

Ps. Fun Fact: We learned from our dear friend Bobby that Seattle is the starting place of Starbucks (duh), Nordstroms (yay), Amazon (ok), Microsoft (wha?), and Costco (say wha?)! 

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