Wednesday, July 8, 2015

That Engagement Life

Probably the biggest news of the year is our engagement. This probably will not be a wedding guide type blog post just because there are way too many of those that do what they do way better than I ever could.

We are about 3 month into our engagement and about 6 months from the wedding date and the entire wedding process has been a whirlwind. Right after getting engaged we talked about what kind of wedding we would want and where we would want it. Basically, we attended a close friends amazing Santa Barbara wedding last year and it really set the bar high. Not only was it beautiful but it was so much fun. Because we had so much fun at this Santa Barbara wedding we wanted to create the same mini-vacation vibe for all of our guests. I give you, Palm Springs.

In a nutshell, we have most of the big things taken care of but still working out the details. Of course, it always comes down to the details.

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