Thursday, July 16, 2015

Work Essentials

Let's be honest, we all love new loot. This week I'm starting my job officially after completing residency at the same place this past year. Even though I know the place and people there was still a sense of excitement, you know like being official official. And so, I needed to start off on the right foot with new work gear.

I figure I'll be needing a lot of coffee and so a cute tumbler is a must. Mine tend to get 'borrowed' by Adrian and then forgotten at work for weeks on end. I picked up this gold zojirushi mug because it's cute, has a lock, and keeps liquid hot for like 10 hour?! In terms of work bag, I've been using a longchamp which has been great. In an effort to switch things up and I picked up this all vegan backup by Matt and Nat. It's super roomy, light weight, and great for work essentials.

Other color options at Matt & Nat

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