Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Home Sweet Home: Kitchen

You guys, how cute is our kitchen! 

There are literally no words to describe how happy I am to have our kitchen totally done. [Quick recap: We bought our first home in December 2015. Got married in January 2016. Moved out of our condo in March 2016. Started renovations in April 2016. Completed renovations in September 2016.] So basically, it's been a freaking long road to where we are now and we could not be more thrilled. The kitchen is probably my favorite space in the house because it's so home-y but still has this awesome modern cool look. We have definitely been inspired to cook more and just spend most of our time in this room.

In terms of the process, thank goodness for Pinterest, because those boards were a great way for Adrian and I to collaborate and merge both of our styles into one.  I will say that Adrian is definitely the visionary and had a lot of the great ideas and I became the executor moving forward with the orders and planning.  That "reno-life" is not easy and definitely was the root of many arguments but now that we can sit back and enjoy the kitchen we are so grateful. I will say though, I have learned so much about home, home renovations, home depot, tiles, grout, paints, etc. I could literally go on forever.

Cabinets: Ikea & Semi-Handmade DIY Shaker // Sink: Ikea // Faucet: Jupitor Pull Down // 
Tile: Encaustic Cement Tile {similar} // Counter: Quartz from Color Marble // 
Fridge: Samsung {similar} // Cooktop & Oven: Wolf // 
Range hood: 30'' Cavalier // Bar Stools: Knicker Stool
Canisters: Silo Containers
Dining Table: Article Seno Table // Chairs: Craigslist // Chandelier: Patrick Townsend Orbit


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